As the holidays get closer and we get ready to gather with friends and family….after the feasts have been enjoyed, snowball fights have ended, all the presents have been opened…and everyone’s ready to curl up on the couch to some good old fashion movie binge watching; here’s a starter list of some feel-good happy movies.

My hope is that this list helps eliminate the hour it takes to flip through Netflix, iMovies, Hulu, Amazon, etc, etc….as a group…to find something good to watch, that everyone agrees on :)…and that reminds of you other great movies.

Of course every family and age group in the family tends to like different types of movies, so I tried to put together an eclectic mix of movies from various genres…so whether you’ve got grandparents, little ones or just you and your spouse cozied up…hopefully one of these will resonate.

Lastly, I’d LOVE to expand this list, so in the comments section below, please add your favorite, uplifting movie…I’d love to see something new this year :)! 


15 Feel Good Movies that will inspire & lift

* I linked each movie to a YouTube preview…so for movies you’re unfamiliar with, you can get a sneak peek of the trailer/clip.

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life
  2. The 100 foot Journey
  3. Hidden Figures
  4. The Way
  5. Eat Pray Love
  6. Evan Almighty
  7. The Chronicles of Narnia- series
  8. The Last Airbender
  9. School of Rock
  10. The Blind Side
  11. Secretariat
  12. Goodwill Hunting
  13. Legally Blonde Series
  14. The Devil Wears Prada
  15. Dead Poet’s Society

Of course movie binge watching always requires some good snacks to go along with it :), so here are a few ideas + recipes….

Holiday Snack Ideas

Rice Crackers + Hummus + Kraut
Homemade Popcorn
Walnut, Coconut & Cream Cheese Shortbread Cookies 
Pistachio & Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
Fresh Fruit
Veggies & Dip


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