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Nature’s bounty: a pantry for home remedies

Using Nature's Bounty for spring remedies It's starting to feel like spring....the grass is turning green, the flowers are blossoming, the bird's are chirping....and I've started sneezing :). What about you? Does the pollen, fresh grasses and the blossoming beauties...

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Almond Ojas Drink…and the winners are!

This little almond drink is so delicious…not to mention mighty rejuvenating and energizing…just what we all need for the new year! The recipe is from Dr. Lad's, Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing: A Practical Guide book (one of my favorite go-to books for simple...

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Banana & Cloves: who knew their wonders?

  Northern California is amazing. Even though we've had a relatively cold winter and it's still only February, spring is here. We recently had a string of warm days and voila! everything began to bloom. It's been beautiful driving to work this week because the streets...

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Ume: helper of many things.

My husband introduced me to Ume when we first got married and now it's one of my favorite go-to's in my home remedies kit. UME extract helps with healthy digestion and naturally relieves occasional heartburn because of it's soothing blend of organic acid that is...

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Honey & Lemon Tea: my favorite tonic.

It's the new year and I'm guessing 9 out of 10 of us want to get healthy in some form another; build up our immune systems,  shed some unwanted pounds and in general detox a little from the year before. One thing I've often added to my new year routine, is an age-old...

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another GREEN DRINK!

another GREEN DRINK! A very dear reader sent this recipe in of a morning green drink she makes...THANK YOU for sharing! See below for Ayurvedic recommendations...and feel free to send in any recipes you have and would like to share with the group! ENJOY! *** VEGAN...

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GINGER: another wonder herb.

GINGER: another wonderful wonder herb. Like turmeric, ginger is another herb that I always have on hand at home. Last week, I got the flu and was down for a few days. But by constantly sipping ginger tea, mixed with a little honey and lemon (of course taking my Super...

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