Collage 2015- full resFor my New Year’s collage this year I decided my word for 2015 was going to be Faith. Now, as July comes to an end and August begins, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on this word; especially since it was the theme of my teachers closing words at the recent meditation retreat I went to, and it’s also something my family is relying on heavily as we watch death slowly approach my grandfather.

I’m so grateful for my faith.

She reminds me that nothing happens by accident and that everything happens for the best—even if it doesn’t initially feel like it. Faith shows me that there are bigger things happening around me, some that I can see and some that I can’t see—but if I put my trust in her, I’ll have a calm heart and will know that I am not alone.

Faith also inspires me to be more kind and compassionate and helps me to become wiser, stronger and happier. And when I take the time to close my outer eyes and open my inner ones she reveals to me how grace and love are constantly being showered upon me.

However,  I’ve also learned over the years that Faith can easily be overshadowed by our own doubts, fears, insecurities and anger…so staying engaged is vital. I’ve found that my spiritual practices are my key to her. Whether through meditation, chanting, mantra repetition, satsang with family/friends, doing hatha yoga, journaling or reading an inspiring book, each of these keys has the ability to connect me to my inner sanctuary where she flows like a rushing river.

So Faith, thank you for all the ways you nurture me, teach me and provide for me. My deepest prayer is that as life continues to unfold you always hold my hand and remind me that everything has a beautiful silver lining…its just waiting to reveal itself at the right moment.

One of my favorite parts to my collage is a snippet of an interview with Maya Angelou from O Magazine where she says:

Say “thank you” right now. Because your faith is so strong you already know God put a rainbow in every cloud. This year has reminded me once again that whatever you’re going through, you will do just that: go through it. It will pass. So say “thank you” now. Because you know the rainbow is coming. 

-Maya Angelou

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!



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