Gluten Free Recipes

Uttapum: savory indian pancakes

These little pancakes are one of my favorite go-to's throughout the year...and I thought it might be a fun recipe for the holidays, as the red and green definitely make a plate feel festive and fun! Savory Indian Pancakes Uttapum are South Indian pancakes that are...

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Veggie Gluten Free Pot Pie

Fall Comfort Food When the leaves begin to change colors and the air begins to get crisp, I not only LOVE pulling out my boots, but also my favorite fall comfort foods :)! Although I've made Pot Pie before, this was the first time I've made one since being...

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Best Banana Muffins…ever.

Best Banana Muffins....ever. Do you ever pick up a bunch of bananas on Sunday and then by Thursday have them sitting in the same place, overly ripe...leaving you wondering what to do with them? If that's you, you'll be grateful you bought them because you're going to...

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Cherry Tomatoes 3 Different Ways

For those of you that follow me on social media, you might have seen that the cherry tomatoes we planted back in May have exploded :)! The little seedlings we started from scratch are now 6-7 feet tall and fully loaded. On Instagram and Facebook, I asked friends and...

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Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

For this Mother's Day, my mom said she didn't want any presents, just full day of spending the day together doing some fun stuff--so that's what we're gonna do! We're going to start with a homemade brunch, followed a day in DC where we'll visit some museums, take a...

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Glazed Carrots & our Winners!

Art Every Day Month has been awesome! If you haven’t a chance to check out my daily drawings, you can view them all here. It’s defintiely got me thinking outside of the box and trying new things! So, as Thanksgiving approaches here’s my recipe for glazed carrots….a lovely Thanksgiving side. I hope you enjoy!

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Chai Spiced Eggnog (vegan & GF) !

So, in the spirit of actions speaking louder than words :), I’m excited to host Wholesome Soul’s first annual Gratitude Giveaway.

I’ll be giving away 4 of my Holiday Card Sets to 4 lucky people…and all you have to do between today and NOV 22 to enter is…

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Yoga in the Kitchen

As a guest contributor, I was able to share a little wisdom on “Yoga In the Kitchen”. Make sure to check out my article and my favorite weeknight to-go recipe, “Chickpea Flour & Rice Patties”.

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Holy Days & Fasting Pancakes

I feel like the Fall snuck up on me...:)? If I recall correctly, it was hot one day and then chilly and pouring the rain the next...what's been happening in your neck of the woods? To be honest, I'm actually quite delighted that the season's are changing...because I...

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Sesame Ginger Baked Tofu

It’s always good to remember that the one weapon we always have in our arsenal for self-care is the food we put in our bodies. Food is such an amazing tool, don’t think? What we feed ourselves literally fuels our energy levels, directly impacts the appearance of our bodies and greatly influences our minds. For something we do several times a day…I’d say it’s worth putting a little dedicated time and creative energy towards since the payoff is huge.

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CTA Toast

One of my favorite things in the summer are tomatoes…and as we head into summer and the tomatoes and avocados are ripe and delicious, CTA Toast (Cottage Cheese, Tomato & Avocado) makes a great breakfast. It’s especially nice because it takes less then 5 minutes to make…and it’s fresh, high in protein, and of course, delicious…so ENJOY!

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Rice Crackers + Hummus + Kraut

Hello Friends,

Since I was out of the country for the start of the new year, February has kind-of-been like my January :)! So now that my new year has officially begun, so has my re-inspired love for healthy snacks. My latest and greatest favorite is super simple and only has 3 ingredients :).

rice crackers + hummus + kraut

For those of you that are #vegan and/or #glutenfree, this is a fantastic snack (or an impressive appetizer) that is fast, filling and easily changeable…not to forget it also looks beautiful :).

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Sprouted Mung—Indian Style

As you read this, IIndian Sprouted Mung Beans will already be in India…but I thought as the holiday season approaches and our diets get a little wacky, that I would share one of my favorite dishes that always seems hit the spot the for me when I want something fresh and full of prana…Sprouted Mung Beans—Indian Style!

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Focaccia {gluten-free & vegan}

Last weekend I had the treat of going to a friends house for lunch and she made Focaccia (gluten-free and vegan!) and I made my pesto. The focaccia was so delicious; it melted in my mouth and definitely hit the spot for this gluten-less girl. I can't wait for you to...

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Crunchy Raita {carrot, tomato and cilantro}

This week I made one of favorites called Sahkla, also known as Spiced Up Rice Patties (click here for the recipe). These delicious patties are light, tasty and pretty easy to whip up if you already have rice leftovers on hand. I changed up the recipe a little by using...

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Avocado Lentil Salad

My family and I had brunch at my sister's yesterday--as you can probably tell from the pictures EVERYTHING she made was AMAZING! The savory menu consisted of a hearty wild rice casserole, a light avocado  and lentil salad and some beautiful dinosaur kale. And my...

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Homemade Kale Chips

I've been wanting to make homemade Kale Chips for a while now, so yesterday we had a beautiful snow day…which was perfect for making these little, slow-cooked goodies. These chips are best to make on days when you're home and busy with something else. They have very...

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Sautéed Apples & Spice…and our 21-day cleanse

I had a funny epiphany a few days into the New Year….this is the first, in MANY years that I didn't create a long list of foods that I was not going to eat after the New Year :). This is huge for me…since I've had one of these lists every year since probably high...

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Almond Ojas Drink…and the winners are!

This little almond drink is so delicious…not to mention mighty rejuvenating and energizing…just what we all need for the new year! The recipe is from Dr. Lad's, Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing: A Practical Guide book (one of my favorite go-to books for simple...

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