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GIVEAWAY + Exploring Seasonal Veggies with the Joyful 12™

There is something so special about eating fresh and making mealtimes a daily family gathering. I’ve found that cooking fresh is definitely nourishing, but when I’m able to cook with my family or friends, it brings out an ample dose of love and creativity that enriches our relationship on a much deeper level. And then when we sit down to share our bounty, there’s a comfort in the ritual of breaking bread while sharing the highlights of every one’s day, world events and whatever else is on our minds.

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Pure Vegetarian: Nourishing the Body and Soul 

Wisdom & Deliciousness from the kitchen of Lakshmi Hello Everyone, today I'm feel blessed to share an interview with Lakshmi Wennakoski-Bielicki. This talented yogini, chef, photographer and writer is the founder of the blog, as well the author of...

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Yoga in the Kitchen

As a guest contributor, I was able to share a little wisdom on “Yoga In the Kitchen”. Make sure to check out my article and my favorite weeknight to-go recipe, “Chickpea Flour & Rice Patties”.

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Forgiveness at 15,000 feet: by Tarini

It's my honor today to introduce Wholesome Soul's first contributing author: TARINI! She is one amazingly talented girl....who's extremely brilliant, infectiously sweet and wise way beyond her years. I could go on and on about her accolades, how much I love her and...

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