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Festival of the Goddesses….inside and out.

Yesterday was the first day of Navratri, the 9-day Indian festival dedicated to the goddesses Durga Ma, Amba Ma, Annapurna Devi, Saraswatiji, Lakshmiji, Bhavani Ma….and so, so, so many others…including the goddess within :).

The ancient yogis of India took advantage of the high flow of energy and blessings during these days by strengthening their spiritual practices through extra japa, kirtan, pranayama, longer meditations and yogic fasting!

I generally try to take some time off to do a mini retreat as well, but if I can’t then I try to fit extra practices in the  mornings and evenings. It’s a lovely time of year…kinda like a deep, rejuvenating cleanse for the soul.

May the divine shine brightly through you:)!

Lots of love,



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