Reflections of a Yogini

The magic of India + going within

  The magic of India As you read this, I will already be in India...but I wanted to share with you why I love going to India... As I wrote a few year's ago, there's something so...

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2018: New Year, New Mantra + Giveaway!

My favorite New Year’s tradition is collaging my intentions for the next year. I love this organic process, because snip by snip, new intentions and messages emerge giving the year a vision and things to work towards and enjoy. Do you have an intention for 2018? The year’s still young….read on to learn more :).

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Happy 10….a love letter to my husband

Happy Anniversary! This past Thanksgiving weekend, my husband and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. I can't believe how time has flown. Marriage is such an interesting unique and different than any other relationship I've known :). I feel fortunate to...

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Between You & God

Thank you I can't thank you all for the outpouring of love and condolences that you sent me last week when I emailed that a close family friend has passed. I was fortunate to fly out with my family to his funeral, where his life was celebrated and deep prayers were...

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Limitless living within the limits of the walls around us

The other day I was in a little bit of funk...stuck in my own head, questioning why this didn't happen or that didn't happen. And as I was venting to my husband he randomly opened a page up in a book that I read for a few minutes every morning for inspiration, called...

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The Peace of Wild Things

The Peace of Wild Things These days the news is just so intense with one horrifying thing after another happening...I often wonder, how do we even begin to make sense of our current times. So, when a friend sent this lovely piece to me this morning, it was really...

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Pause. Reflect. Breath.

Freedom Seeker How's your summer going? Are you getting in any good reading? I'm just finishing up a lovely book by Beth Kempton called Freedom Seeker. It's chalk full of inspiration, powerful exercises and reminders on how to live fully, worry less and do what you...

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Recipe for the happiest people

Deep Rooted Happiness As I get ready to celebrate, my "OMG, I'm almost 40!" birthday--I turn 39 years old next week :), I've been thinking a lot about happiness. Not momentary happiness, but the kind that is deeply rooted and not swayed by: material possessions that...

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Yoga, Politics and the Womens March in DC

I don't generally talk about politics on my blog, however, it's hard to look the other way when the past few months and especially the last few days have been such a pivotal time not just in American history, but world history. And, as a yogini and artist, I do...

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