Happy New Year, friends!

I don’t know about you, but moving into 2017 has been a very slow process for me :). Generally every New Year’s Day, I wake up excited and energized at the possibilities that lay ahead for the new year. I spend time collaging and choosing a word/phrase and intentions for my year. (Above are a few examples from previous years).

But this year was different. I didn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm as previous years. Between hearing about sad events around the world, getting news that my Guru (spiritual teacher) was still not doing well and just overall feeling a little down, I decided to change up my traditional routine of collaging and opted to paint something instead.

My annual setting intentions process, is pretty simple. I spend time reflecting on my previous year’s accomplishments and learning lessons and then dig deep and dream big of how I want my new year to unfold. This year all the words and phrases that I played with just weren’t resonating; none of them really captured the essence of what was in my heart. I felt so stuck. So, for the past week I did a little dance with this piece….I’d step away from it, then come back and then step away again and then repeat all over.

And then, I had a breakthrough. As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I read these words:

“I remember so many times saying that “one day these days will all just be memories”. Time keeps moving, life goes on. What do we do with our precious, precious moments? How do we “spend” our time? Because one day it will all be just memories. May we spend each passing moment in remembrance of God, our eternal nature, and in relationships based on awakening our soul. May I feel deeply connected to my deepest purpose while spending time with people I love, without distracting myself, or thinking that there’s something else that’s more important. These are the moments to remember.”

Dhyana Masla, founder of Stanton Street Yoga

Keeping God at the helm of my ship, surrounding myself with like people who awaken my soul and living in the right here, right now, distraction free….making these precious moments count…because time does really keep moving and life goes on….these words instantly felt like someone had peeked into my heart and had a conversation with my soul.

So needless to say, this year I don’t have a word or phrase, but a manifesto called Right Here, Right Now. I hope I can truly live this prayer so that all the other stuff—-dreaming big, letting go, growing inside and out, cultivating peace, making healthy decisions, taking risks, believing in myself—-follows naturally.

Thank you Dhyana for your wise, wise words, they are a comfort and joy to me. A compass towards my True North this year.

Happy 2017, everyone!
Lots of love,



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