Gifts that Give Feature

I’m so excited to have Wholesome Soul be among a handful of products featured in Spirituality and Health Magazine’s article on “Gifts that Give” in their print magazine as well as their 2017 Annual Holiday Guide!

Spreading Goodness Forward with each Purchase

Our Giving Back Program has such a special place in my heart! I’ve spent countless years  donating and doing volunteer work for Dhyanyoga Centersan organization that had dedicated itself to not only bringing meditation to the masses, but a lot of really amazing humanitarian services!  It’s been awesome experience being a part of an organization that gives and gives to so many people and in so many different ways. You can learn all about Wholesome Soul’s Giving Back Program here.

My Guru Shri Anandi Ma has always told me, that the gift of seva (selfless service) and a regular yoga and meditation practice are invaluable because the benefits your accrue from these two things are deposited into a soul bank….your bank account of good deeds and practices that travel with your from lifetime to lifetime.

So I hope you’re happy to learn that with each purchase you make in our store, you are not only paying goodness forward in the form of medical services and food for the poor, school supplies for village children and free meditation programs for sincere spiritual seekers, but a part of that goodness is also ricocheting right back to you!

Happy Shopping, friends!
With gratitude,




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