Happy August everyone!

This month we have two big eclipses happening; a full lunar eclipse on August 7 (not visible in the USA) and a full solar eclipse on August 21, that’s already been named as the Great American Eclipse, as it will only be visible in the United States. The last eclipse that was ONLY visible in USA was in 1918….so it’s pretty historical.

How do eclipses affect us?

As an astrology lover, I thought I’d share a tidbit from Susan Miller’s website, astrologyzone.com where she writes pretty detailed monthly forecasts for all twelve zodiac signs.

What she said about this pair of eclipses was:

This will be a big month, full of surprises, both in your life and on the world stage. The eclipses are powerful, and they will change your timetables, your priorities, and your goals as new opportunities and conditions arise at a rapid rate. Most eclipses are mixed in outlook, but these are the most loving and affirming.

– Susan Miller | www.astrologyzone.com

She also goes on to explain that lunar eclipses tend to bring closure to situations depending on where they fall in your chart, while solar eclipses open new doors. So of all months to read, her write up this month is pretty juicy :).

How do yogi’s traditionally observe eclipses?

Numerous yogic texts explain that every human is a little walking universe. Everything we see externally, we possess internally–it’s just a matter of believing it and learning how to tap into that energy through meditation. Yogi’s were wise because they had the ability to close their eyes and tap into a whole different level of consciousness which allowed them to access a depth of knowledge straight from the source. It was always amazingly detailed and extremely accurate. But they didn’t stop there, to make sure that their mind/ego had not influenced their perception and thinking , they would compare notes with other yogi’s to make sure they got the same information and that’s how the various Vedas and sutras were written.

Ancient Knowledge

These yogi’s would meditate on EVERYTHING that would influence or affect the soul’s journey to our true selves, or as some say to God. So that includes topics like: how to keep the body healthy (Ayurveda), lifestyle guidelines (yamas and niyamas), rituals to follow when you have your menstrual cycle, what kind of ceremony to do if certain planets affect your astrological sign in a negative way (Vedic Astrology), how to best build a house so that all the subtle energy fields can work together in harmony (Vastu), what to do before and after an eclipse…you name it and there is probably some ancient text that can tell you the most beneficial way to do it or deal with it.

Ancient Practices

The Vedas explain that the energy field created during an eclipse is not the most positive for worldly actions, however it’s an amazing time for immersing yourself into your spiritual practices. Unlike most westerners that try so hard to catch a glimpse of this natural phenomenon, basking in the rays of the eclipse, traditional yogi’s do quite the opposite.

Since the rays are so negatively charged during the eclipses, if the eclipse is visible where they are, yogis make every effort to stay indoors so that they are not exposed to the rays. In addition, they generally do not talk or eat, but instead immerse themselves in yogic practices like mediation, japa or kirtan. And then once the eclipse is over, they shower to wash themselves of that energy completely. And prior to the eclipse, they throw away leftovers because it’s said that cooked foods can absorb that energy too. Talk about amazingly detailed information.

With the guidance of our teacher (guru), Shri Anandi Ma, my family and I observe these teachings as much as possible. So this August 21, my fridge will be cleaned out of all leftovers and I’ll probably take the afternoon off to immerse myself in some meditation, spiritual reading and other uplifting practices.

Here’s to a happy month of big endings and new beginnings!

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