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Many people wonder why cows are so sacred in India…and the answer in short is that they’re quite generous and pretty divine:).

Among the many bounty that cows share with us on earth, they provide two vital sources of energy:
1. Pure nourishment in the form of milk, yogurt, butter and ghee (clarified butter).
2. And, clean fuel that does not pollute, but rather purifies the air through the form of their dung when it is burned.

The Hindu scriptures say that over 33,000 divine energies run through their veins, therefore they are often revered and referred to as Gaumata, which is another name for the Divine Mother.

In India many families will put a little food aside for their wandering neighborhood cow as a form of gratitude and offering to the divine before there own family eats. I’ve always loved this practice of tangible gratitude.

And lastly, if you’re ever been around cows, you’ve probably experienced their gentle and loving disposition…which beautifully exemplifies the main teaching of yoga which is ahimsa (non-injury in thought, word or deed).

So with this piece, I was inspired by the vivid colors of India and the beautiful, sacred and holy gifts that dear cows bring us. It reads, “You know you’re a yogi when, our hearts become more open, and sense of total well-being arises”. 🙂

Hope you’re all enjoying the last few weeks of summer… and here’s my recipe for homemade ghee + benefits !



p.s. I’ve had a ball painting this summer…I’m so excited to start sharing more of my new work with you all :)!


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