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Nature’s bounty: a pantry for home remedies

Using Nature's Bounty for spring remedies It's starting to feel like spring....the grass is turning green, the flowers are blossoming, the bird's are chirping....and I've started sneezing :). What about you? Does the pollen, fresh grasses and the blossoming beauties...

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Still looking for some holiday recipes?

In case you're still on the hunt for some delicious and generally healthy;) recipes to make when you've got a house full, here's a round up of some of my favorites :)! MAIN DISHES Cauliflower Jalapeño Spiced Alfredo​— gluten free, vegan This dish is completely creamy,...

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Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

For this Mother's Day, my mom said she didn't want any presents, just full day of spending the day together doing some fun stuff--so that's what we're gonna do! We're going to start with a homemade brunch, followed a day in DC where we'll visit some museums, take a...

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Warm Sips

What do you sip on when it gets cold out? It's that time of year....where warm sips of something nourishing are always near me while I'm working :)....especially when winter storms come through and we're snowed in :). Don't you love the magic of big storms. The night...

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GIVEAWAY + Exploring Seasonal Veggies with the Joyful 12™

There is something so special about eating fresh and making mealtimes a daily family gathering. I’ve found that cooking fresh is definitely nourishing, but when I’m able to cook with my family or friends, it brings out an ample dose of love and creativity that enriches our relationship on a much deeper level. And then when we sit down to share our bounty, there’s a comfort in the ritual of breaking bread while sharing the highlights of every one’s day, world events and whatever else is on our minds.

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Glazed Carrots & our Winners!

Art Every Day Month has been awesome! If you haven’t a chance to check out my daily drawings, you can view them all here. It’s defintiely got me thinking outside of the box and trying new things! So, as Thanksgiving approaches here’s my recipe for glazed carrots….a lovely Thanksgiving side. I hope you enjoy!

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