Snack + Drink Recipes

Decadent Chocolate Chia Pudding

Guilt-free Indulging Chia pudding is such an delicious, comforting and healthy option for satisfying an eternal sweet tooth, like the one my husband and I seem to have these days :). I make a batch of these decadent little jars of yumminess every few weeks...for a...

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Warm Sips

What do you sip on when it gets cold out? It's that time of year....where warm sips of something nourishing are always near me while I'm working :)....especially when winter storms come through and we're snowed in :). Don't you love the magic of big storms. The night...

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Chai Spiced Eggnog (vegan & GF) !

So, in the spirit of actions speaking louder than words :), I’m excited to host Wholesome Soul’s first annual Gratitude Giveaway.

I’ll be giving away 4 of my Holiday Card Sets to 4 lucky people…and all you have to do between today and NOV 22 to enter is…

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Rice Crackers + Hummus + Kraut

Hello Friends,

Since I was out of the country for the start of the new year, February has kind-of-been like my January :)! So now that my new year has officially begun, so has my re-inspired love for healthy snacks. My latest and greatest favorite is super simple and only has 3 ingredients :).

rice crackers + hummus + kraut

For those of you that are #vegan and/or #glutenfree, this is a fantastic snack (or an impressive appetizer) that is fast, filling and easily changeable…not to forget it also looks beautiful :).

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Homemade Kale Chips

I've been wanting to make homemade Kale Chips for a while now, so yesterday we had a beautiful snow day…which was perfect for making these little, slow-cooked goodies. These chips are best to make on days when you're home and busy with something else. They have very...

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Sautéed Apples & Spice…and our 21-day cleanse

I had a funny epiphany a few days into the New Year….this is the first, in MANY years that I didn't create a long list of foods that I was not going to eat after the New Year :). This is huge for me…since I've had one of these lists every year since probably high...

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Almond Ojas Drink…and the winners are!

This little almond drink is so delicious…not to mention mighty rejuvenating and energizing…just what we all need for the new year! The recipe is from Dr. Lad's, Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing: A Practical Guide book (one of my favorite go-to books for simple...

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Zucchini Hummus

The other day I had a huge amount of Zucchini on hand, so I decided to try something new...Zucchini Hummus. It was pretty tasty and much lighter than your usual hummus since zucchini is not as hearty garbanzo beans. I served it with warmed pita wedges and some...

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Honey & Lemon Tea: my favorite tonic.

It's the new year and I'm guessing 9 out of 10 of us want to get healthy in some form another; build up our immune systems,  shed some unwanted pounds and in general detox a little from the year before. One thing I've often added to my new year routine, is an age-old...

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Walnut, Coconut & Cream Cheese Shortbread

melt-in-your-mouth goodness. These are one of my favorite shortbread cookies; they are just pure-simple-beautiful-melt-in-your-mouth bites of holiday goodness. The best thing about these cookies is that the dough can be shaped into logs and frozen for up to two weeks...

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end of summer small batch JAMS & SMOOTHIES.

A great way to use up the end of summer fruits.... Peaches are one of my favorite fruits....last week I went on little overboard buying our fruit for the my peaches had gotten a little overripe :). I hate throwing food whenever my pitted fruits or...

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ASIAN PEARS kissed with salt and red chili powder.

De-lish! I LOVE Asian Pears....they're perfect! Crisp, refreshing, not overly sweet....yum! We have two trees in our backyard that are completely full...if you live in the Bay Area, drop me a note and we'll figure out a way to get you some. One of my favorite ways of...

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smoothies to-GO….

smoothies to-GO.... Like I mentioned a few posts husband and I love our smoothies on the road. This a great thing to pack for road trips...a nutritious, filling, tasty, fast and definitely cost-effective alternative to eating out for breakfast or a snack...

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staying HYDRATED: Indian Limeade.

staying HYDRATED: Indian LIMEade.... Although spring just arrived a few weeks ago here in Northern Cali it already feels like we've moved into summer :)...we've had temperatures in the high 80's since last week and staying hydrated is a must...because this is just the...

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another GREEN DRINK!

another GREEN DRINK! A very dear reader sent this recipe in of a morning green drink she makes...THANK YOU for sharing! See below for Ayurvedic recommendations...and feel free to send in any recipes you have and would like to share with the group! ENJOY! *** VEGAN...

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green drink: ’tis the season to CLEANSE….

'tis the season to cleanse.... Spring's here!....the grass is turning green, the flowers are blossoming, bird's are chirping...and before we know it, it's going to be summer. A few years ago, I attended an awesome workshop by Jen Jensen and Phil Madden of Sonoma...

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HUMMUS: sun-dried tomato and herbs.

HUMMUS: sun-dried tomato and herbs. You just can't go wrong with hummus...1.) it's super easy to make. 2.) there are so many different ways to change it up (the type of bean, the seasoning, etc) 3.) the versatility of the things you can serve it with is limitless and...

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CHAI: traditional yogi style.

I'm not a "need to have my CHAI everyday, or else..." type of person, but nothing beats a good cup of chai on a cold day... sitting with a steamy mug listening to the drumming of the rain....what could be better!  Indian chai is made by boiling water, milk and black...

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POPCORN: perfect for the holidays…or any day.

2011 © COPYRIGHT PRITIFOOD, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Growing up my mom sometimes made fresh popcorn, but once microwave popcorn came on the scene...the real deal was not seen. But then about 10 years ago, I moved to California and my friend Trupti introduced me to the art...

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I love avocados and I love guacamole. Guacamole, of course goes great with tortilla chips and mexican main dishes, but I also like using it on sandwiches and wraps.To change up with dip, sometimes I add seasonal veggies like corn or diced fennel to it to give it a...

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