Thank you

I can’t thank you all for the outpouring of love and condolences that you sent me last week when I emailed that a close family friend has passed. I was fortunate to fly out with my family to his funeral, where his life was celebrated and deep prayers were said for his soul’s journey moving forward. It was a really beautiful and moving service.

Death has such a way of making me reflect….not just with counting my blessings, but reminding me how precious our moments here are. My guru, Shri Anandi Ma has always made it a point to remind her students that the only things that go with us from one life to the next are the good deeds and spiritual practices we take time to do now. Not our accumulation of wealth or anything external, but in actions that leave impressions on hearts–how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, how we feed our souls and how that goodness emanates into the world.

It’s not easy….especially in this day and age where we’re constantly bombarded with information, tight schedules and long to-do lists, but death is a reminder that time flies, these moments are so precious and that we need to make the most of them.

Stay Inspired

So friends, please stay inspired…count your blessings, meditate daily, spend time in nature, say a prayer, do a random act of kindness and leave huge impressions of love on all hearts that cross your path!

With peace and love,


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