The other day I was in a little bit of funk…stuck in my own head, questioning why this didn’t happen or that didn’t happen. And as I was venting to my husband he randomly opened a page up in a book that I read for a few minutes every morning for inspiration, called “Simple Ways to the Sacred”, by Gunilla Norris.

The passage he fell upon read as follows:

“There are always limits–both inner and outer walls. What limit must I accept today with equanimity?

What limits in my life might I question, might I be able to rise above?

Within the limits of my walls, how might I discover a life in God’s limitless Presence?”

So friends, I thought I’d share these wise, wise words….as I imagine we are all pushing against our inner and outer walls, while trying to tap into the limitless presence of the Divine.

Lots of love,



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