What’s Your 2018 Mantra going to be?

I’m so happy these arrived just in time for holiday shopping as well as for our upcoming pop-up at Bethany House’s 2017 Annual Holiday Bazaar.

I created this line especially for those that want to set a mantra or theme for the New Year. Among a large variety of magnets, woodblocks and stationery that already share great messages, these mugs (and soon to come woodblocks and magnets) are meant to help everyday women stay connected and inspired to specific big intentions that they set.

The three intentions we’re starting with in this series are:

  • Cultivating an attitude toward everyday ups and downs that appreciates and knows that the joy is the journey.
  • Empowering yourself to trust your light more
  • Celebrating with gratitude the awesome tribe of women in your life, that are not only a constant source of inspiration to you, but that remind you that together, you all are stronger and wiser

Best of all, with these mugs priced under $20, they’re great as gifts for sister, girlfriends, moms….and especially yourself :).

So stay tuned, we’ll have a limited quantity of these lovelies up in the store in just a few days!



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