Freedom Seeker

How’s your summer going? Are you getting in any good reading?

I’m just finishing up a lovely book by Beth Kempton called Freedom Seeker. It’s chalk full of inspiration, powerful exercises and reminders on how to live fully, worry less and do what you love….perfect summer reading to get ready for a busy fall :).

One of my favorite passages from this book is on taking time daily for “Headspace + Heartspace”. Beth writes that Headspace + Heartspace is about finding “quiet opportunities to allow your head and heart to re-attune to one another, and restore your inner calm”. She goes on to write,

“We lead such busy lives and most of us are constantly surrounded by noise–in our minds, in our ears, on our phones, in the world around us. This constant chatter hampers our internal signals about what we want and need, even what we love. It makes us want to shut down, instead of open up.


We are distracted at every turn. Our brains are forced to work overtime to process all the inputs. Focusing is a challenge. Our constant pursuit of more is pushing us to our limits, and the pressure is continually flooding our bodies with adrenalin, cortisol and other stress-related hormones, drawing vital resources away from our immune system and capacity to heal. No wonder so many of us are susceptible to illness, visually aging and exhausted all the time.


Finding Headspace + Heartspace gives your brain and heart a chance to rest quietly and open gently, so that the well of inspiration can be refilled.”

Finding that quiet space is different for everyone. For me it’s definitely my yoga and meditation practice. It’s such an integral part of my day that without, I feel so unfocused and scattered. It’s like my soul hasn’t had its coffee yet :).

So, what fills that Headspace + Heartspace for you? Leave a comment below!

Lots of love,




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